isabella pen
A memoir in works of art, dedicated to her: it’s her / in little brown and jade green / in wintertime / waiting for the things to come. I love her so much /

touching the stars

Posted on:10-03-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage
ink on paper, 25x17cm (2015)

- isabella pen, she flies to the moon while touching the stars she takes you with her -

the golden horse

Posted on:10-03-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage
poetic text (2018, december 9)

- isabela pen
is at the riverside
the north meets 
in colors of light
all green and blue and pink and white -

the golden horse takes her 
on his back they go
flying to the colors of light -

the place

Posted on:19-02-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage
pen and ink on paper

isabella pen looks at what's hers to be

the beginning

Posted on:13-01-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage
isabella pen

- i did not know you before but there you where/
suddenly in front of my camera/
so close and so far away/

please to meet you:
isabella pen -

My life is about pictures & storytelling, daily discoveries. I have to make notes, all the time. So time is being registered and I won’t forget things. In my studio I transfer these notes into works of art: paintings, drawings, prints, texts. I like to experiment with all sorts of paper, prints and graphic techniques and so on...
For me art is a medium to interact with the outside world. You can see an overview of my work on It’s only viewable on computer or tablet.

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