This diary is about the things I see, I hear, I feel and observe. It’s about the things that I like to think about. It’s about the things that I like to write about. It’s about the things that I want to remember.

note 7

Posted on:17-04-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage
The Great Recovery

Yesterdag, on April 16the 2019, I finished this painting.
It's a selfportrait: me and my (first) cat in the summer of....? Somewhere in the seventies. In the backgarden of our home, unaware of all the things to come....

I'am really happy with this one.

The Great Recovery of a Young Girl
oil on paper, 70x120cm
April 2019

note 6

Posted on:10-03-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage

- art is how to see, how to observe, how to remember/ art is to work hard in silence -

note 5

Posted on:10-03-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage
birds in wintertime, detail, 2016

- sunday,march 3th 2019: visiting the siebolthouse in leiden, last day expo kacho-ga.
...all these beautiful japanese prints and drawings and poetry -
it really touched me...

note 4

Posted on:17-01-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage

- i like to be with people, in my own way, on my own terms -

note 3

Posted on:16-01-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage
photograhy, copyprint - collage

- today i was in town. i went from one place to another. there were many people who also went from one place to another -

note 2

Posted on:14-01-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage
photography analog

- cold and grey outside - i make the colors inside - today its ultramarine -

note 1

Posted on:12-01-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage

- the daily walk at the river - where I meet the birds, the little horses, other persons with theirs dogs - we smile at eachother - we all are in the grey wide open with the sky above us -