This diary is about the things I see, I hear, I feel and observe. It’s about the things that I like to think about. It’s about the things that I like to write about. It’s about the things that I want to remember.

note 4

Posted on:17-01-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage

- i like to be with people, in my own way, on my own terms -

note 3

Posted on:16-01-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage
photograhy, copyprint - collage

- today i was in town. i cycled from one place to another. there were many people who also went from one place to another -

note 2

Posted on:14-01-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage
photography analog

- cold and grey outside - i make the colors inside - today its ultramarine -

note 1

Posted on:12-01-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage

- the daily walk at the river - where I meet the birds, the little horses, other persons with theirs dogs - we smile at eachother - we all are in the grey wide open with the sky above us -