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‘I observe and take notes. I make colourful stories of frozen moments’. Marijke Pielage is a painter and a poet. She lives and workes in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Enjoy the visual stories of 'the house perfetto', 'via nettuno' and 'isabella pen'.

marijke pielage

Marijke: 'My life is about pictures & storytelling, daily discoveries. I have to make notes, all the time. So time is being registered and I won't forget things. In my studio I transfer these notes into works of art: paintings, drawings, prints, texts. I like to experiment with all sorts of paper, prints and graphic techniques and so on... For me art is a medium to interact with the outside world: like pockets of silence, where we can root and grow'.

You can see an overview of my work on www.marijkepielage.nl/archive
It's only viewable on computer or tablet.

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