Pictures, storytelling, little discoveries

“My life is about pictures, storytelling, little discoveries that settles in my mind.
I have to make notes, everywhere and all the time. So time and place is being registered and I won’t forget things. In my studio I transfer these notes into works of art: paintings and drawings and prints of all kind. I like to experiment with all sorts of material, photography, graphic techniques and so on...
I also create little artbooks and dito cards with my own text.

For me art is a medium to interact with the outside world:
pockets of silence, where we can root and grow”.

Marijke Pielage, Arnhem, spring 2015



The cross represents the synthesis of everything material: HORIZONTAL
and everything spiritual: VERTICAL as well as its transcendence.
The spirituality of the material. The transcendence of what is humble.
Everything spiritual: SPIRIT
Everything material: MATTER
A duality between matter and spirit, birth and rebirth.

  • © 2018 Marijke Pielage
marijke pielage

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